How to get Taekwondo in Roblox Mighty Omega

How to get Taekwondo in Roblox Mighty Omega

Roblox’s Mighty Omega game is a paid-access, open-world Anime that lets players develop unique fighting styles and skills to become mighty fighters. The large map allows them to explore and discover new shops, training spots, and much more. After they have completed their training, they can take on each other in the Arena or sparring matches. Each player will have their own style of fighting and techniques they learned from other countries, like Karate and Boxing or Muay Thai. Players may need to search for the right private gyms in order to acquire these skills. We have the answer if you are still searching for Taekwondo schools. Here’s how it works!

How to get to the Taekwondo Gym at Roblox Mighty Omega

If you want to learn Taekwondo fighting techniques, you’ll need to locate a private gym where Takimura can be found. It is difficult to locate this gym because it does not have any exterior signs or an obvious entrance. This is what you should do:

Find the Police Station

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The entrance to the gym can be found by walking to the city side. Next, look for the Police building. It’s quite easy to find, as it’s tall with blue and white checkered stripes and the Police sign is lit in blue neon letters.

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Turn left and follow the street

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After you have parked in front of the Police Building turn left and the Police station will remain on your right. A bus stop should be visible on your left with a quick spot for travel.

Find the staircase

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Look left past the bus stop to find the building with the red bricks and the glass awning. Here is a staircase. To find the gym, you will need to navigate up the stairs.

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How to learn Taekwondo

Once you have gotten to the gym, you can work towards your Taekwondo training, but it will take some patience and perseverance.

Talk to Takimura

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To contact the trainer at the front of the room, click on him. Click on the “I would like to learn Taekwondo” button. Takimura will provide a free lesson. But you can only click that once before he disqualifies you. To see six Taekwondo combat skills, click on the Open Skills. You won’t have the ability to buy any unless you first get some experience.

Purchase training actions

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Style Experience is required to purchase these skills. You will need to practice a lot to earn them. Training skills can be purchased by placing your feet on the green pads right in front of the instructor. Although they are expensive, most of them can be purchased once. You might want to go back to the gym if you’re just getting started. There you can buy other skills such as push-ups or squats. This will give you more stamina and make it easier to get started.

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Get in shape at the gym

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After you’ve purchased your training skills, get in shape at the Taekwondo gym. This will help you increase your Style Experience. Click on the desired skill in the bottom toolbar, and then press the left mouse button. You need to keep an eye on the blue stamina bar so that you don’t get tired. Your body fatigue, along with your health bars, is a sign that your training is paying off.

Get the skills

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You might need to work up enough Style Experience over time. Keep at it and keep working out. Once you have enough ExP, return to Takimura and access the Skills menu. Click on the skill that you wish to learn, and then click the green Buy button. Your new skill will appear in your toolbar. You are now ready to become a Taekwondo master.

This is how you learn Taekwondo in Mighty Omega. But there are other fighting styles! Which is your favourite style? Check out these other styles. best anime games on Roblox This is covered on!

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