How to Get Sponges in Minecraft

How to Get Sponges in Minecraft

Sponges in Minecraft can only be found by players who seek them out. It is important that players know the best ways to get them. Below is a guide that explains how to obtain Sponges.

Mob Loot

Only the Elder Guardians can drop sponges upon being killed. There are three Elder Guardians that spawn in each Ocean Monument. They can be very difficult to kill if the player is not prepared. The Looting Enchantment does not affect the amount of Wet Sponge that each Elder Guardian will drop after it is killed. This is not the best way to get Sponges because of the difficulty of killing Elder Guardians and how few they drop.

World Generation

Natural world generation is the best way to obtain sponges. Every Ocean Monument can generate a Sponge Room with approximately 30 Wet Sponges. This is the fastest way for players to obtain Sponges. However most players will still receive sponges from Elder Guardians as they are within close proximity to these Sponge Rooms. They will also target players who cross their path. Sponge Rooms are not always generated by all Ocean Monuments. You can still find sponges at an Ocean Monument if you kill the Elder Guardians if you don’t find one.

Creative & Commands

Other than Survival, you can obtain Sponges via the Creative Inventory and Commands. Sponges in the Creative Inventory can be found under tab for Natural Blocks (Bedrock Edition) or under tab Building Blocks (Java Edition). Below are the commands that will give a Sponge Block to a player.

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/give [PlayerName] minecraft:sponge [amount]


/give “PlayerName”) sponge [amount]

This is all you need know about Minecraft Sponge.

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