How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

Silk Touch is one the most sought-after enchantments in Minecraft. This enchantment allows the user to select the block that contains certain items by using specific tools. You will need a pickaxe with Silk Touch Enchantment if you want coral pickers. If you don’t have the right tools, you can pick dead coral. To get Silk Touch in Minecraft, you will need to perform the Silk Touch enchantment on your desired tools or get a Silk Touch enchanting book from any village librarian.

The Silk Touch Enchantment

Silk Touch requires you to set up Level 30 enchantments. For more information on how to set up a Level 30 enchantment please read our guide. setting up a Level 30 enchantment and continue with the following procedure.

  • You should make 5 to 20 wooden pickaxes/shelves and keep them in your stock.
  • Access the enchantment table with Lapis Lazuli and a single wooden shovel or pickaxe.
  • Swap the pickaxe or wooden shovel with the item that you wish to get the Silk Touch. 
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  • If Silk Touch is not available, you can simply apply any available enchantment to the wooden object and then replace it with a different wooden item.
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  • Continue this process until you achieve a Silk Touch enchantment.

You can only swap the same item. You can swap wooden pickaxes with other pickaxes of higher quality but not with shovels or other games items.

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The Village librarian has an enchanting book called Trading for Silk Touch

To get Silk Touch, you can always trade for an enchanting Silk Touch book from a village library. You can also convert unemployed villager to village librarian if you don’t know one. Follow the below steps to do this.

  • Place fences around an unemployed villager to stop him wandering.
  • Keep your eyes open lectern To make him a librarian, he must be inside the fence.
  • Wait for him to trade the Silk Touch enchantment books. Purchase the enchantment booklet using emeralds.
  • Your librarian may not trade the Silk Touch Enchantment Book. Simply break his lectern to replace it. This will enable him to trade for new books. Continue this process until you locate the book.
  • Place the enchantment books and the item you need the Silk Touch ability in anvils.
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You can also obtain the Silk Touch Enchanted Books from loot boxes or fishing farms, in addition to the two above methods.

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