How to get rid of curse of vanishing in Minecraft

How to get rid of curse of vanishing in Minecraft

The Curse of Vanishing is one of the most irritating enchantments in Minecraft. If the Curse of vanishing is applied to an item it will disappear after a player dies. The item will disappear forever. It can be incredibly frustrating if this is a powerful or rare item, so naturally you’d want to remove this curse!

The Curse of Vanishing can only be removed from a limited number of items within the game. These are Mob Heads or Pumpkin Heads. The curse can be removed by placing a head on the ground and breaking it. 

Curse of Vanishing will be permanent for all other items. It can’t be removed by grindingstones or crafting tables, as it is not compatible with other enchantments. Minecraft curses are real!

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The Curse of Vanishing can be avoided by changing the keepInventory gamerule value to True via console commands. However, this may not be possible if you don’t have cheats enabled for the world. Again, this won’t remove the curse of vanishing, it will only cause it to not affect players. Even if the gamerule changes again, the curse will remain.

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To prevent items affected by the Curse of Vanishing disappearing after death, you can also store them in a Shulker Box. When you die, the shulker box won’t disappear, saving the item from its curse. 

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