Look no further if you want to become Reaper and wield an enormous scythe. Below are all the steps to obtaining Reaper.

Who is Reaper

Reaper is a game based on Grim Reaper, an iconic Grim Reaper character in popular culture. This inspiration is the main reason for the large scythe weapons that you can obtain once you have Reaper. Reaper has an S+ rating on the Spec Rarity List.

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How to Get Reaper

The process for getting Reaper in the game is very similar. Goku will be positioned against a hillside tree. To get to him, you may need a step ladder. He will ask you to bring seven Dragon Balls. Accept his request. Look around until you see the Dragon Balls. They will randomly appear. If you need more storage space in your bank, you can give him one at a time.

Return to Goku once you have all the Dragon Balls. Completion of the Road to Strongest quest. This quest includes simple tasks.

  • U-Coins
  • Block, Take, & Inflict Damage
  • Kill Dio (located within the Forest).

Go back to Goku and tell him that you’ve completed the mission. After you have done that, Shenron, the dragon character, will be waiting for you. Talk to him, and you can wish for World Ender.

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