How to get Quick Charge in Minecraft?

How to get Quick Charge in Minecraft?

Quick Charge is an enchantment players can use to enhance their crossbow in Minecraft. To get it they must either trade with Villagers using Emeralds, fish via a fishing pole, loot and dungeons or use an enchanting tableau. 

Trading is a good way to start. You can trade emeralds in exchange for enchanted book. It’s important to note that this trading method is less reliable than others. 

This is why we suggest that you fish in water with a pole fishing rod. However, make sure it has both luck of the ocean and lure. Both enchantments will increase your chances of finding enchanted books. 

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Fishing is the best way to find quick charge enchantments in Minecraft. The next best option is to loot Strongholds dungeons. These dungeons will have chests that contain enchanted book. The final way to get Quick Charge is to find an enchanting Table, books, and lapis liazuli. 

Once you have all that information, you can use the table to farm enchanted books and experience points. You will need to place the lapis lazuli as well as the books on the table. Keep doing this until you get quick charge. 

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