Platinum Skincrates was how Tower Defense Simulator (TDS) players could try their luck at unlocking a rare Platinum skin and a few buffs for their tower. Unfortunately, these crates can’t be purchased today as they were unavailable from December 2019 through October 2020.

According to the TDS WikiAll unopened Platinum Skincrates players left in their inventory weren’t used on October 29, 2020 and were converted into Premium Skincrates. All Platinum skins that had been applied to towers were lost.

There are many types of Skincrates They are still available and can be purchased in TDS. These crates can be purchased with in-game coins or Event Tickets or Robux. They offer skins that vary from rare, common, rare, and legendary rare. Some skins give you additional boosts for your towers.

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It took a lot of trial and error before the Platinum Skincrate could be unlocked. Each player must have completed five levels on all four difficulties in order to unlock it. For the Platinum Skincrate to count, you must complete all levels on Beginners, Molten and Golden.

Other than this, there were additional requirements for unlocking the crate. This upset a lot players and led to the crate being removed from the game. You had to complete a map for every difficulty level before the Platinum Skincrate was introduced. not allowed to count towards its unlocking. Players discovered that it is best to complete one map at the time, rather than working towards each difficulty. Once you’ve completed five maps and earned the Platinum Skincrate unlock, all remaining maps will be reset to zero difficulty.

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The Platinum Skincrate was not well received by fans. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get one within the given timeframe. You would have deleted any traces of it if you had!

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