How to Get Phantom Membranes in Minecraft

How to Get Phantom Membranes in Minecraft

Phantom Membranes are a server in Minecraft that serves a variety purposes. They can be used to provide resources for Elytra repair and ingredients for potions. But how do you get them? You can find out how below!

How to Get Phantom Membranes for Minecraft

In Survival Mode, there are only two ways you can get Phantom Membrane. You can either get them from killing a Phantom or you can use force to obtain them. You can also wait for your tamed Cat, who will bring one to you.


Phantoms can only be spawned by making your character stay awake for at most an hour in real time (which is approximately three days in-game). If your character goes to bed, or dies, the timer will reset and no Phantoms will spawn. They do not spawn in the daylight and only at night.

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A Phantom Membrane is only available when it is killed by a Wolf, normal sword, or another animal. This amount increases with each level of Looting that is applied to the sword. There are a maximum of four Phantom Membranes for Looting III.


You can also get a single Phantom Membrane from your cat in an unscheduled event. You have a chance of getting one from them three times. This is the only way you can get a Phantom Membrane, without having to force Phantoms to spawn. To increase their chances at getting Phantom Membranes every day, players can build a large tamed Cat farming operation.

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This is all you need to know to obtain a Phantom Membrane.

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