How to Get Paper in Minecraft

How to Get Paper in Minecraft

Paper is one of the oldest items in Minecraft, having been added all the way back in Alpha. It was first used to craft Books. However, it has been used for many other purposes. You can use it to create banner patterns and maps. It is now a valuable and indispensable item in Survival and Multiplayer.

How to Get Paper for Minecraft

It is not difficult to obtain Paper, but it can be time-consuming to acquire the resources necessary for steady supply. This guide will show you how to craft Paper and what other methods of getting Paper in your Survival World. We’ve included the code and data for Creative Mode players at the end of this guide.


First, you will need to locate the sugarcane resource in order to craft paper. This resource is found at the ocean and river edges. It can only be used on blocks adjacent to water source blocks.

Some Sugar Cane in Minecraft.Some Sugar Cane in Minecraft.

Once you’ve located the Sugar Cane take it to a Crafting Table. You will get three sheets of Paper if you have three (it doesn’t really matter which one)

The Minecraft recipe for Paper.The Minecraft recipe for Paper.

Notice: We recommend growing multiple Sugar Cane blocks at the water’s edge if you don’t have enough Sugar Cane or want a steady supply.

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Pre-generated world chests can contain paper. Below is a list of all the world chests that can generate paper and their chance of happening.

  • Shipwreck
    • Supply Chest
      • Quantity: 1-12
      • Chance: 49.4%
    • Map Chest
      • Quantity: 1-10
      • Chance: 89.4%
  • Stronghold
    • Library Chest
      • Quantity: 2-7
      • Chance: 89.2% (Bedrock: 88.3%)
  • Village
    • Cartographer Chest
      • Quantity: 1-5
      • Chance: 61.2%
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Other ways

  • Villagers – A Cartographer in a Village might drop Paper at the Player if the Hero of the Village trait is active.
  • Creative: You can find paper on the Miscellaneous Tab (Lava Bucket), in the Creative Inventory.
  • Command: Paper can be given to a user using the /give command.
    • Java: /give PlayerName minecraft:paper
    • Bedrock: /give “PlayerName” paper

Did you know that you can also use signs to put messages instead of on paper? Our guide is available. How to Make and Use Signs in Minecraft!

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