How to get Impostors Trials Rewards in Fortnite

How to get Impostors Trials Rewards in Fortnite

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Fortnite’s new game mode, Impostors Mode, shares striking similarities with Among Us. The game requires players to remove their opponents if they’re an Impostor or vote against them if an Agent. Fortnite has the Impostors Trials as an incentive to players to play this mode. You can win rare rewards such a Spray, Emoticon or even a wrap that’s never been released.

You can reap the rewards of the Impostors TrialsYou must play the mode. According to the official event page, each game played earns a player a badge. To count, you don’t have to win the match. You can simply play in matches. You can earn rewards for earning your first, sixth, and eleventh badges. These are listed below.

Impostors Trials rewards.Impostors Trials rewards.

You can see that it does not take a lot of skill or time to earn the rewards. Below is a list of all the matches that you will need to play to get each reward.

  • Hot Headed Spray 2 Matches
  • Just Between Us Emoticon 12 Matches
  • Spectral Flex 22 Matches

You don’t have to win the match for it to be counted. However, you can still look at our Fortnite Impostors Mode GuideFor helpful tips and tricks, click here!

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