Fortnite How to Get Gold 8-Ball Style

Fortnite How to Get Gold 8-Ball Style

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Here’s how to get the Gold 8-Ball skin in Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 1 of Battle Pass. The most popular skin from the pass is 8-Ball. 8-Ball is now available in a golden style. This guide will show you how to grab it.

How to get the gold 8-ball style

The Gold 8-Ball style is apart of the Fortnite Season 11 Overtime Challenges. These challenges were published on January 15th 2020. So you can get started with them and earn your new styles. You will find a new set of challenges each week for other Battle Pass skins.

When you are done with these challenges be sure to look at our guides on how to complete them.

Challenges for Gold 8-Balls

Here are some of the challenges that you’ll need to overcome to earn the Gold Eight-Ball style.

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Challenge Guide

Bronze Battle Medals can be earned by eliminating opponents in matches (3)

For the bronze medal, all you need is to win two eliminations per match. This should work in Team Rumble. It will be much easier to accomplish in that environment.

In different matches, ring the doorbell of a house together with an opponent (3)

Although it could be annoying, Salty Spring is very popular. I would go there and wait for someone who can climb through a roof. If that happens, you can either run for it or ring the bell.

Enjoy a dance at Rainbow Rentals, Beach Buses, and Lake Canoe (1)

Although you can visit all these places in one game, it is easier to split the game up. One game could be Rainbow Rentals and the second two would be Rainbow Rentals. It’s possible to do just three games and glide over to each one. Team Rumble makes it easy because you can use your glider over and over again.

Swim at different No Swimming Signs (2)

The no-swimming area is located northwest from Lazy Lake. It is located above the waterfall and on the bank. Don’t fall down that way. After you have done that you can continue south along the river to possibly find a boat. Next, head west to the lake. Swim in front of it.

Harpoon Guns can be used to inflict damage on your opponents (75).

It’s going to be frustrating, but it is necessary to hit your opponent with a Harpoon gun. This is something I would try in Team Rumble. However, I don’t know how effective the Harpoon Gun’s spawn rate in that mode.

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In a bush, you can gain health or shields (1)

Find a bush where you can hang out and get some shield or health.

Find the hidden gnome between Fancy View, a wooden shake and a large house (1)

You can find this gnome northwest of Holly Hedges. You will find the gnome just north of the large, unnamed home.

Bouncy balls in various matches (3)

Sweaty Sands is a great place to go. You can walk to the beach and grab one of the umbrellas. The same thing can also be done in three other matches.

Visit mountain Base Camps (3)

The Base Camps are located in the southeast corner of the map. These are the exact locations:

Walking 100m and dancing (100)

Start dancing by getting one of the Traversal dances that you have. Team Rumble will be your best bet to do this uninterrupted, particularly in the beginning stages. The Boing!If you don’t know if you have an emote already, Season 11’s emote is a Traversal one.

Styles of 8-Ball Gold

You get the gold style not only for the outfit but also for the glider, back bling, and harvesting tool that come with it!