Adopt Me is a great place to get virtual pets if you enjoy collecting them. While there are many options for how to get your pet, it can be quite difficult to obtain them if the player is free-to-play. You can find out all the free ways to adopt pets in Adopt Me. 

Adopt me to get your pet for free

You can get Adopt Me pets for free by completing events, star rewards, gaining dollars, and buying eggs. These methods are explained in detail below. Get your free pet!

Starter Egg

Talk to Sir Woofington at Nursery when you first start the game. He will give you a Starter Egg. To hatch your egg, you will need to complete the objectives such as feeding it.  You will have the option of either a Cat or a Dog once you’ve done this. Because you only have one chance to adopt a pet, the pet you receive is non-transferable.

Star Rewards

Star Rewards are a great way of getting free pets. Log in daily to earn stars. Logging in every day will increase your star count. Star Rewards catalog lets you see that once you have earned a certain number stars, there are a few options to get pets. 


After you have collected 210 stars, you will be able to purchase a Ginger Cat. A Toucan can be yours if you save 400 stars. Starfish will be available to you with 550 stars. A Golden Egg can be obtained with 660 stars. It will grant you a Golden Unicorn (Golden Dragon), or a Golden Griffin.

Earning Cash and Buying Eggs

You can earn Robux in-game to buy eggs, which is the last and most common way to get pets. There are many ways to make money, including login bonuses, paychecks, objectives, money trees and more.

You will receive paychecks periodically while playing the game. Each 10 – 15 minutes of active gaming, you get 20 dollars. If you are looking to earn money all day long, keep the game running in the background. Once in a while, check back to see your check.

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Logging in daily is a good idea to get the star rewards. However, you will also receive a fair amount of dollars for each day that you log in. You can continue to earn money by opening the game at minimum once per day. You will receive a gift and bonus stars every five days. A Cracked Egg will be given to you on your 30th day. This egg can be used for hatching a pet.

For each blue objective that you complete, you get 6-7 dollars. Blue objectives can include bathing, feeding and giving water to your pet. You can earn 12 dollars by completing orange objectives. Make sure you do it when they are still available. These objectives require that you travel to specific places (such as the school or campsite) and stay there for a short time.

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Money trees are items that you can place inside your home to grow dollars. Once it starts to grow, you will be able to harvest 8 dollars each day. Multiple money trees can be created, but you can only get 100 dollars per day. 

You can buy an egg from the Nursery if you have some cash. You can purchase multiple eggs at different prices. A higher-priced egg usually means that you have a better chance of getting a valuable pet.

  • 350 Bucks: Cracked egg
  • 600 Bucks for a Pet Egg
  • 1,450 Bucks Royal Egg

You can also purchase special event eggs! At the time of this writing, you can get yourself an Ocean  Egg that will cost you 750 bucks. These eggs will usually only come with a specific set of pets so be sure to check before you buy!

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Hacks & Codes

Adopt Me is abuzz with talk of hacks you can use to get your pet. These methods don’t work. They are likely malware/viruses someone is trying get you to download. These methods are not recommended. You could be banned from your account even if they work.

Adopt Me users are talking about codes. There are currently no codes availableYou can play the game right now. You can’t enter codes in the game right now. Don’t believe anyone who says there are codes.

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YouTube: “Free” Pets

YouTube videos might claim you can get “free” pets. These videos usually claim that they are giving away pets and you must enter the contest. Although there is a small chance of winning the pet, if the YouTuber has a good reputation and is well-known it may be possible. For a chance at winning, you can simply comment on a YouTube video.

Be cautious if you are asked to signup, pay money, or share personal information. These “giveaways” may be a scam. Be cautious when you interact with Roblox players who ask for money or personal information. 

No Longer Available

You can only get certain pets through events and limited-time opportunities. Here’s a list of pets you can’t get more. These pets could be available for a return at some point, but they are no longer available as of this writing. 

Easter 2020: Get a free chick pet

During the Roblox Easter Egg Hunt for 2020You could win a Chick pet for free! To activate the Easter button on your screen, you need to jump into the game. You would hatch the eggs as usual and earn the Chick. This pet is not able to be traded. 

April Fools’ 2020 Pet Rock

The Pet Rock was a joke pet. You could get it by visiting the Nursery during April Fools’. The Pet Rock was only available for a short time, and then it disappeared from the owners inventory. Since no one has the Pet Rock, it is not tradeable. 

May 2020: Scoob 

Scoob was a pet named after Scooby Doo. He could be purchased during the Scoob EventYou can get it free. The pet was taken out of the game completely on May 18, 2020.  

Halloween 2020: Pumpkin

During the 2020 Halloween EventPlayers could get a Pumpkin pet for participating in the Pumpkin Smash minigame. This pet cannot be traded and is therefore truly unobtainable.

April Fools’ 2021: 2D Kitty

When you are April Fools’ Day 2021 UpdateThe developers created a pet called 2D Kitty as a freebie. This pet was an amusing gift, and was deleted from the game on April 2, 2021.

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