How to Get Festering Desire in Genshin Impact

How to Get Festering Desire in Genshin Impact

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Festering Desire, a beautiful, dark sword, is an exclusive event. This sword is a symbol of the fact that it was Only available to players during the Dragon Event. The Dragon Event was held from December 23rd to January 5th, making it and the subsequent event items unavailable to players.

What to expect in the Future

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Genshin Impact currently has no repeating events. Instead, they implement a new event every month. These events have many exclusive items, quests, and areas. Players must attend to get any of these. This can be frustrating but it is possible to change the future.

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Time Capsules, for example, are found in Honkai Impact (another game by miHoYo). Time Capsules allow players to purchase past event-specific items. This allows players to still enjoy the event experience they missed. Although this is not possible for Genshin Impact yet, miHoYo may implement it in the future. Many players are unhappy that they can’t replay or buy content from events missed. Players should make every effort to attend all events that they are running. This is the only way to be sure you get any event items.

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