How to get feathers in Fortnite

How to get feathers in Fortnite

Fortnite Update V.19.20 added the Feathers to its base game. You can now craft/unlock different Haven Mask outfits by using the newly added item. To obtain feathers in Fortnite you must jump into any game mode and unlock any gold chest boxes. These chests usually have a higher spawn rate.

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To collect feathers, you will need to equip the Haven Battle Pass skin 

You don’t have to equip the Chapter3 Season1 BattlePass skin “Haven”, to collect feathers. Contrary to popular belief. To unlock the Haven Masks and their missions, however, you will need to have the skin. 

Fortnite Feathers

As they spawn within chest boxes, there is no set place to find feathers. So, the best way to collect some feathers in Fortnite is to jump inside any game and drop at landmarks with good loot like Covert Cavern, Tilted Towers, Condo Canyon, or Greasy Groove.

Look for any chests within the vicinity of the landmarks after landing. You can easily locate a loot chest, using the chime/buzzing sound. You’ll soon find feathers when you open a few chests. You can also check the amount of feathers that you have in your inventory by going to the currency section.

You can also get feathers from exterminated enemies.

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