How to get Every Reward in the Best Friendzy Fortnite Event

How to get Every Reward in the Best Friendzy Fortnite Event

Fortnite’s 17.50 update has brought about a new event called Best Friendzy. It allows you to receive rewards that weren’t available before by playing matches alongside your best Fortnite friend. Below are the requirements required to receive every reward from the event.


Register for the event as soon as possible. Follow this link to register: Fortnite Best Friendzy. For additional instructions on how you register, please refer to our guide: How to Register for the Best Friendzy Fortnite Event.

Reward Program

Throughout the event, you will be able to earn four rewards. You can see them in the gallery.

As you can see, the prizes are: the Outer Space handshake Emoji and Invasion Remix Music, Life’s a Beach Wrap and the Aquari-Axe Harvesting tool. You can also see the order you will receive rewards. The emoticon is worth three points. The soundtrack earns 10 points. Wraps are worth 20 points. Pickaxes are worth 50 points.

How to Earn Points

You can earn points by simply playing the game together! Your progress will be tracked once you sign up on the website and your points will begin accumulating. Each 10 minute you spend playing in Battle Royale or Creative matches with a friend earns one point.

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By choosing when you want to play with your friend, you can triple your reward points. You have the option of choosing your bonus hour on the above registration page. For every 10 minutes you play, you will earn three points instead of the usual 1 point.

This list shows how long you have to play with your friend for each reward.

  • During Bonus Hour
    • Outer Space Handshake: 10 minutes
    • Invasion Remix Soundtrack: 33 minutes
    • Life’s a Beach Wrap: Only 63 Minutes
    • Aquariaxe: 163 Minutes
  • Bonus Hour is not for you
    • Outer Space Handshake: 30 minutes
    • Invasion Remix Soundtrack – 100 Minutes
    • 200 Minutes of Life at the Beach
    • Aquari-Axe 500 Minutes
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This is how you get every reward from the event! Get together with your Fortnite friend to complete the task before it’s too late!

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