How to get Double Movement in Fortnite

How to get Double Movement in Fortnite

Double Movement is a technique that allows Fortnite players to move diagonally and still have a clear view on the peripherals. Double Movement can be implemented using a variety of methods, even though the game only offers four directional keys.

ItsJerian, a popular content creator, explains how to use the video below Wooting Keys2xTwo programs that Epic Games allows to implement Double Movement on the keyboard are : and. These are two third-party software programs PC gamers can use to implement Double Movement on Fortnite.

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Video via ItsJerian YouTube

These are the settings to enable Wooting Double Motion:

  • Download Wooting Double Movement program
  • Fortnite: Open settings and change mouse and keyboard sensitivity
  • Use the Lock Input method to lock your mouse and then use keyboard controls for keybinding changes
  • All four directional movements require WASD keybinds to be removed
  • To move in-game, activate the Wooting Double Movement Program
  • You should check Wooting settings to ensure that your strafing angle is below 65%

Fortnite’s strafe angle allows players the ability to move diagonally and scout the surrounding area. You can do the same with Keys2x. We recommend downloading Wooting, however, because it’s simple to use.

Double Movement was simple for console gamers because of controller input. However, it was not available for keyboard and mouse users before. Epic Games made it available to PC players in Chapter 2 Season 6. In addition, Epic Games legalized third-party software for keybinding remappings during a competitive rules update. The game prohibits the use of these tools to bind multiple action.

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PC players can map one keybind to one directional input using third-party software. In Fortnite, macroing is when one keybind is assigned to multiple actions.

This technique is not easy to learn and can lead to many clumsy errors. Double Movement can be a great way to improve your game, especially when you are in difficult situations. You can get creative and mimic the boxing fight experience. You will learn more about your opponent’s position over time and be able to see more angles that you can move or build towards.

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