A Universal Time (AUT) has tons of items for players to collect and use, one of which is the famed Dio’s Diary. There are three ways to collect this item. One is by searching randomly-spawned chests in the hope of a lucky pull. Two is by completing a quest by Pucci, the Ability Resetter, that involves taking Dio down with 40 others, or a simpler quest given you by Goku. You can find walkthroughs for all three options below.

1. Opening chests

The first and least involved way to search for Dio’s Diary is by opening chests. You will find chests randomly scattered across the map during AUT. There is a 9% chance that they contain the diary. Keep your eye out as you run around the town area—once a chest spawns in a location, it will randomly appear in that same location again. Randomly, a chest will appear at different times. The location of the chest is the same.

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2. Completing Pucci’s quest

The second way to obtain Dio’s Diary is by talking to Pucci and completing the quest that he gives you. When you speak to him, you’ll need to click the Finding the way to heaven option from his dialogue prompt to be given the quest. You can now begin the quest as listed below, once you’ve ended the conversation.

  • Use a Dio bone to access The World Stand
  • Kill Dio With The World Stand
  • Use The World Stand to Kill 40 Players
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Every 30 minutes Dio will randomly spawn in Forrest. Make sure to check back often. Dio Bones may be found in chests, or dropped by players who have defeated Dio in Forrest. This quest takes the longest time. If you want to speed up your progress, then we recommend this option:

3. Completing Goku’s quest

Similar to the way players can get. Broly or Goku himself, completing Goku’s quest will give you the option to choose a wish from the dragon Shenron. Each wish then corresponds to a different unlockable itemOr spec, including Dio’s Diary. After completing the quest, choose the Ascension option from the list of wishes—this will award you with the diary.

Our guide provides a detailed walkthrough of how to complete Goku’s quest. here. While the guide is specifically for Broly, the quest is identical. Below is a brief list of Goku’s quests.

  • Collect 1000 U-Coins
  • Inflict 100 damages
  • Block 100 damage
  • Take 100 damage
  • Kill Dio

4. Trading

Although this is not a method that requires you to take any action, it still works! If you have a friend who has an extra Dio’s Diary laying around, or you can find a random player in your server who has one, they can trade it to you, and in just a few clicks, you’ll have the item yourself. To trade, all you need is the !trade USERNAME command.

Dio’s Diary capabilities

Once you’ve obtained Dio’s Diary, you can use it to evolve your The World Stand to become the even more powerful The World Over Heaven Stand. Simply equip your Stand and then select and use the diary item—you should see The World evolve before your eyes!

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