In the Secret Weapon update of July 25, 2020, Crystallized Aquamarine was included to Roblox’s Islands/Skyblock. While it is not difficult to obtain, it is quite challenging due to the low drop rate. You should be ready to do a lot underwater mining in order to obtain it.

How to make crystallized aquamarine

You will need to be there on time 1 hour.

Crystallized Aquamarine can only be obtained by mining Aquamarine nodes, which spawn under water in two different places.

  • Visit a Body of Water

    There are two types of water that can produce Aquamarine nodes. You can sell plants and purchase seeds at the shop hub. The first is located in the shop. The second can be found on the recently remodeled Slime Island.

  • Mine Aquamarine Nodes

    You now need to locate where the Aquamarine Node spawns. These will be found under the surface, but they may be full because people will be farming Crystallized Aquamarine. Keep going until you find the right one!

  • Deal with a Trader for Crystallized Aquamarine

    If you have a lot of coins you can always sell them to someone. Although it is a lot of money now, it will eventually lose its value once it is out for a while. If you have a lot to spare, this is the right way to go. It will take a long time to mine for it unless you’re really lucky.

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