Fortnite is undoubtedly the most prominent live-service title on the market. The game’s constant addition of new content, events and features is one reason it has received so much attention. Coachella, which offers many items to players, is one of the events that are in the pipeline.

Fortnite players have the option to purchase Coachella-themed items at the shop during certain times. Epic Games will update the Coachella set offerings every Thursday throughout the event. Each update cycles in new gear.

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Thursday, April 14, at 8pm ET

The first set of Coachella items is the Wilder and Lyric sets. You can purchase them individually or as a bundle in the Rocking at Coachella Bundle.

Wilder Set

Epic Games – Image
  • Wilder Outfit
  • Finfin Back Jewelry
  • Neon Biter Pickaxe
  • Finfin Flair Wrap
  • Cosmic Equalizer style

Lyric Set

Epic Games – Image
  • Lyric Outfit
  • Swaguaro Back Bling
  • Festival Shredder Pickaxe
  • Cosmic Equalizer style

Thursday, April 21, at 8 PM ET

The Alto and Poet Outfits are part of Coachella’s second collection. Matching items also available. These items can be purchased individually or as a bundle with the Dancing at Coachella Bundle. The bundle also includes the Enter the Coachellaverse Loaching screen.

Set Alto

Epic Games – Image
  • Alto Outfit
  • Sonic Vibes Bling
  • Softest Electropalm Pickaxe
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Poet Set

Epic Games – Image
  • Poet Outfit
  • Back Bling for the Cosmonautic Helmet
  • Cactical Crusher Pickaxe
  • Wrap on Mainstage

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