How to Get Blackstone in Minecraft

How to Get Blackstone in Minecraft

Blackstone was introduced to Minecraft as part of the 1.16 Nether Update. Blackstone is a great alternative to Cobblestone and can be used to help players who are stuck in the Nether without any tools. It is highly sought after as it can replicate most crafting recipes that include Cobblestone.

How to Get Blackstone In Minecraft

Survival mode will only allow you to get Blackstone. You can’t go anywhere else. Grab your fire-resistant gear. Then, leave your water and bed at home and head to the Nether Portal.

Option One: Basalt Deltas

Barish prepared in Minecraft Basalt Delta.Barish prepared in Minecraft Basalt Delta.

Basalt Deltas are the best place to harvest Blackstone. You’ll be in the best place to find a biome that has a large amount of Blackstone quickly. These biomes have Blackstone as one of the major components of their generation. This is more than any Nether Biomes.

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Option Two: Bastion Remnants

The inside of a Bastion Remnant.The inside of a Bastion Remnant.

Bastion Remnants are randomly generated in any Nether Biome other than Basalt Deltas. It is made up mainly of Basalt Delta blocks: Basalt and Blackstone. Bastion Remnants tend to be less common than the Basalt Delta biome. They should be used only for Blackstone farming as a second choice.

Option 3: Other nether biomes

Some Blackstone generated underground.Some Blackstone generated underground.

Blackstone can be found in all Nether Biomes, between levels 5 and 28, where it naturally generates. Blackstone can spawn in veins up to 33 blocks wide, so strip mining in the nether is not an ideal way to quickly obtain large quantities. If you are unable to locate a Basalt Delta, however, strip mining at these levels may be the best option.

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Option Four: Ruined Portals & Piglin Bartering

A Piglin offering Blackstone.A Piglin offering Blackstone.

The Ruined Portals are not able to generate much Blackstone so it is best to avoid going out looking for them. These structures can be found if you only need one Blackstone to adorn your trophy collection before you head to the Nether.

When you give Piglins Gold Ingots, they may barter with some Blackstone blocks. However, this is not a productive way to get Blackstone.

Creative & Commands

You can search for Blackstone in Creative mode or locate it on the [x] tab. You can use these commands to add them to your inventory if you have command enabled

Java: /give @PlayerName minecraft:blackstone

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