Roblox Grand Piece Online features many Fighting Styles that you can choose from. Most of them are available to purchase or develop through various questing areas. Baratie is a floating restaurant located east of Orange Town that offers the Black Leg Style. This style primarily focuses upon leg-based attacks such as kicking or stomping.

After arriving in Baratie, you will need to locate Yome, one of Don Krieg’s Krieg Pirates. Speaking with the NPC will allow you to learn Black Leg Style but at the cost of 9,000 Peli.

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How to Upgrade to Demon Step

After learning the aforementioned Fighting Style, you will have the ability to develop it into Demon Step. To do this, you will need to accrue 50,000 Peli and obtain a Scorched Heart. You can get this by taking 2000+ burn damage by an enemy out in the open world. Afterward, you will need to reach level 125 Black Leg mastery.

Once you have met the requirements, simply travel to Coco Island to buy Demon Step for 50,000 psi.

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