How to get a Trident in Minecraft

How to get a Trident in Minecraft

The Trident, a rare item, can be used to both melee and ranged attack in Minecraft. It can also be magically enchanted to have magical abilities like returning to the player when it is thrown, or moving the person faster in water. The Trident cannot be made with any material because it is a rare and exclusive item. The Trident is therefore very difficult to find. How do you get the Trident?

You can only get a Trident in Minecraft by completing the following steps Killing Drowned mobs. Even then, the likelihood of a Drowned dropping a Trident is slim – especially if you’re playing on Minecraft: Java Edition. This guide will provide tips and tricks to help you get a Trident faster in Minecraft.

How to get a Trident for Minecraft

As we have said, killing is essentialTridents being held by drowned enemiesYou can get one here. But where are these undead mobs hiding, you ask?

Drowned mobs naturally spawn in Ocean biomes and riversRivers are smaller bodies water so your chances of spawning are higher Rivers are more dangerous than rivers for drowningIt is much easier to locate a Drowned person in an ocean biome than it is to search for one. The ocean and rivers must be light for drowned mobs to spawn. Minimum 7Drowned can also exist in ocean ruins.

Even then, this doesn’t guarantee the player a Trident. Not at least not immediately. There are different chances for Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Drowned in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 15% ChanceThe Trident is used to spawn. Drowned can be found in Minecraft: Java Edition. 6.5% chance. 

Tridents don’t have a great drop rate, but you can manipulate those odds. You can enchant your sword with LootingYour chances of receiving a Trident will rise. Your chances of receiving a Trident are increased if you have Increase odds by 1%For each level, Looting increases.

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Trident Enchantments

You can see below which enchantments Trident can receive and descriptions are provided.

  • Loyalty
    • After being thrown, the ball returns to the player. Incompatible With Riptide
  • Channelling
    • A thrown trident that hits a player or mob during a thunderstorm summons a lightning bolt. Riptide is incompatible
  • Riptide
    • When thrown in water, or rain, it will activate the player. This ability deals water damage to entities affected by the riptide attacks. Incompatible with Loyalty or Channeling
  • Impaling
    • Extra melee or ranged attack to aquatic mobs (except Drowned), and any mobs that are in water or rain.
  • Unbreakable
    • Durability increases.
  • Mending
    • XP orbs will repair trident when held, instead of increasing the player’s XP.
  • Curse of Vanishing
    • Trident will not drop to the ground but disappear when the player is killed.

And that’s how you get a Trident! Are you tired of the Overworld? We’ve got a list of the best Minecraft seeds2020