How to get a Totem of Undying in Minecraft

How to get a Totem of Undying in Minecraft

A Totem of UnendingA rare item in Minecraft that will stop the player dying. The Totem of Undying prevents the player from respawning and losing all of their items. It allows the player to play in the same place. This is helpful in so many Minecraft situations, including mining underground, fighting Ender dragons, or even for preventing the player from respawning. summoning and beating the WitherThese are just a few examples.

This item can’t be made and is only available from one enemy.Evokers. You can also find Evokers on Minecraft by using one of the two methods. This will grant you a Totem of undying. This guide will explain how to find a Totem of undying in Minecraft and how you can use it.

How to get a Tortoise of Undying

Only way to get the Totem of Undying is by killing an Evoker mob. Evokers are spell-casting villager that attack players on sight. Fang attack, summoning vexes and summoning vultures are the two main attacks of Evokers. The Evoker’s fang attack is a ranged attack, in which fangs appear either in 2 circles around the Evoker or in a straight line toward the player. Evokers can also summon vexes, which will fly around attacking the player until they are defeated. Evokers always drop 1 Totems of Undying upon death, and this is true 100% of all the time. You should be prepared and well-armed when hunting an Evoker. There will be many mobs to fight along the way.

Only two places can you find Evokers.

  • Woodland Mansions
  • Raids
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Woodland Mansions can only spawn in Dark Forest biomes and Dark Forest Hills biomes. These biomes are usually spawned far from the spawn point. It is essential that the player prepare for this journey in advance. It can be dangerous and time-consuming. 

In a Woodland Mansion, multiple Evokers may spawn. To protect yourself against danger, you should have plenty of Enchanted weapons or armor if this is the method that you use to find an Evoker. Be prepared to face many mobs like Vindicators, Skeletons and Zombies, Spiders and Creepers, even though Evokers are your target. This is why the enemies spawn in darkened rooms. This video explains more about Woodland Mansions. OMGMinecraft below.

Evokers can also be spawned during raids on Hard or Normal difficulty. Raids take place in villages. The player must be armed with the Bad Omen status to activate the event. Normal will see 1 Evoker spawn in Wave 5. Hard will have a maximum number of 5 Evokers between Waves 5-7. 

How to use the Totem of Undying

To enable the Totem of Undying effect to take place, the player must have either the item or both hands of the item. This is how the Totem of Undying works. If the Totem of Undying sits in the player’s hotbar but is not equipped, then it will not take effect and the player will die, losing all belongings.

The Totem of Undying is only available for one use. The Totem of Undying will cease to exist after the first use. The Totem of Undying can be used once.

  • Restore 1 health
  • Eliminate all status effects
  • Grant 45 seconds II of regeneration
  • Grant 5 seconds of absorption II
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