How to Get a Spore Blossom in Minecraft

How to Get a Spore Blossom in Minecraft

If you are looking to get a spore blossom in Minecraft to add to your flower collection, you will need to start looking inside lush caves. Lush caves are a new addition to Minecraft and, as you can tell by the name, only spawn underground. 

However, before we begin, please note that lush caves are not in the game but will be in part 2 of the cliffs and cave update in Minecraft or update 1.18.

However, if you are looking for a lush cave to be added to the game’s story, first locate an Azalea tree in a biome that is grassy or wooded.

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This is because a lush cave will always be under Azalea trees. You will find the tree and need to search for it by digging beneath it. 

After a little digging you should be able to find the lush cave and see spore blossoms growing inside. You can grab some glow berries, and even tame a new mob within the lush cave.

However, spore blooms are mainly used for decoration. However, they can still be a nice addition to your flower collections. They can also grow on the bottoms of dirt blocks making them a great base decoration.

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