How to get a Shiny Stone in Pixelmon

How to get a Shiny Stone in Pixelmon

In Pixelmon, Shiny Stones are Held Items that force certain Pokémon to evolve into their next form. This guide will explain how to get the Shiny Stone, as well as how it can be used.

How to get a Shiny Stone from Pixelmon

Crafting is the best way to obtain a Shiny Stone. This can be done by accessing your Crafting Table and having nine Shiny Stone Shards in the inventory. As you can see, each Crafting Slot must have a Shiny Stone Shard.

How to craft a Shiny Stone.How to craft a Shiny Stone.

This second method is less efficient and is not recommended by many players. It can be rarely found as a tier 2 Special Drop in PokéLoot Chests or from the ability Pickup. Shiny Stones are very rare in Special Drops, so it is best to make them yourself.

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Two ways can you get Shiny Stone Shards to create a Shiny Stone. You can either get them as Foraged items or Pokémon Drops. This table shows the likelihood of getting Shiny Stone Shards using each method.

  • Pokémon Drops
    • Murkrow: 5%
    • Minior: 100%
  • Stone-based blocks foraging
    • Fairy Pokémon: 2.632%
    • Normal Pokémon: 3.125%

Once you have obtained a Shiny Stone, you may use it to evolve any of the following Pokémon in to their next form.

  • Roselia > Roserade
  • Togetic > Togekiss
  • Minccino > Cinccino
  • Floette > Florges

This is all there is to know about rare evolutionary items.

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