How to Get a Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

How to Get a Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

While you can ride other animals in Minecraft’s world, parrots can only ride you by perching on your shoulder. This leaves many players wondering what to do to get their parrots to stop dismounting from the side of the player’s shoulder. Below is a list of conditions that can cause a parrot not to mount your character.

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  • If the player leaps up but doesn’t land on any block at least half a level higher than his/her current level, the parrot will dismount. The parrot will dismount if you both jump and land on the same blocks.
  • If the player drops off a block and hits a block at least three-fourths lower than the level it was on, the parrot will dismount. If you leave a block and land on a block that is full-block lower than your level, the parrot will dismount.
  • If the player sustains any kind of damage.
  • If the player’s feet get submerged in water.
  • If the player begins to drown.
  • If the player is sleeping on a bed.
  • If the player’s skull is submerged into lava.

As you can see dismounting your parrot is simple. If you don’t want your parrot to dismount don’t walk down, and don’t jump!

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