How to get a Nether Star in Minecraft

How to get a Nether Star in Minecraft

It takes patience and willpower in Minecraft to find rare items. However, the rewards and pride make it worth the effort. The Nether Star is a Minecraft item that can be difficult to obtain.

The Nether Star is especially rare as it’s one of only two items that can only be picked up from a Minecraft boss. You cannot craft Nether Stars, so how can you get one. This guide will help you understand how and for what purpose a NetherStar can be used.

How to become a Nether Star

To get a Nether star, you must first be a Nether Star. summon and defeat a Wither.The Wither is a formidable flying boss mob that can destroy everything in its path. 

In order to fight this boss, the Wither must be summoned by constructing a “T” shape out of Soul Sand Placing and placing 3 Wither Skeleton SkullsOn top of the Soul Sand. You will then travel to the Nether’s nether fortress to battle the Wither Skeletons. It will drop the Nether Star after defeating the boss Wither.

It isn’t an easy journey to get a Nether Star, but it’s one that is well worth it.

How to use the Nether Star

You can use the Nether Star as decoration. It can be put in a frame and hung as a trophy to other players. But… I’m guessing that’s not why you went out your way to get one. You’re not the first Nether Star.

The main ingredient is Nether Stars beaconsAn item that emits light, which gives players in a wide area powerful status buffs. These beacons can be found on Iron, Gold, Diamond or Emerald Iron Block Pyramids. The beacon’s status effects will last longer if the Pyramid is larger. It’s a very valuable item to have around areas regularly frequent.

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