Roblox East Brickton is a place where money rules. Brickton Bux are money that can be used to purchase clothing, haircuts, weapons and other items. To earn Brickton Bux players have to work hard at completing jobs. All jobs are accepted at Key Resource Employment (aka the Job Center).

The corner of Genesee St. & Bedford Ave. is where players will find Key Resource Employment. This location is close to Mercy Hospital, where players will first spawn in East Brickton. Players must pay attention to the street signs when they travel to this location.

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Starting at the Mercy Hospital Entrance, make a right onto Wallace St. Continue down Wallace St. until you reach the Mercy Hospital and take the first left. You will be on Genesee St. If you take this left, you’ll reach the Key Resource Employment (Job Center), on your left.

Notice: If you go past Bedford Ave., it is too far. York St. is the next perpendicular road. Once you reach York St., you will need to turn right onto Genesee St. and go back to Bedford at the corner of Genesee & Bedford.

Once you have accessed the Key Resource Employment job centre, click on the bulletin board to open it. Here players can apply to any job that is available. There are often many players at the board, so it is possible to have to wait in line for interaction with them.

Although the rates will vary depending on the job, most jobs require you to spend at least 30 minutes. Accept a job by pressing Apply. Make sure that you are available for work at the appointed time. You should keep in mind that not all job openings will be filled even if you click the Apply button. Sometimes all jobs will be filled on the board. It’s better to leave the job centre and return occasionally.

Some of the jobs available in East Brickton are:

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JobSalaryDescriptionBarber$75 / 30 minutesConversate with the clients, and make them have a comfortable experience as you cut their hair.Boxing Coach$185 / 30 minutes (+20 Commision)Keep the peace within the gym, make sure fights are organized and in the ring, teach people form about fighting…Club DJ$110/30 minutesPlay lit music in the club, rock the party!

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