How to get a car in Club Roblox?

How to get a car in Club Roblox?

Are you looking for the perfect vehicle for your family, friends, and pets to travel in? Club Roblox? We’ll help you find a car dealer, no matter if you are looking for a small, medium, or large car.

Do not be embarrassed if you are having trouble finding the car dealership. The dealership is not marked on the main map, unlike many other important places in Club Roblox. Head towards the Hospital to find it.

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There is a Baby Care building and the car dealership next to it. Talk to the NPC at the counter to purchase a vehicle. Once you have done that, you will see a menu that will display the vehicle catalog.

This catalog offers an orange Bubble Car for $1,000 of in-game currency, a green Scooter for $3,500 of in-game currency, a yellow Camper Van for $3,850 of in-game currency, a blue Boat Car for $7,500 of in-game currency, a green and yellow Tractor for $9,500 of in-game currency, and a pink Cruiser for 95 Robux. Click on the vehicle you like to buy it. The vehicle you have chosen should either appear at the dealership, or it will be teleported to your house.

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