How to fuel cars in Fortnite

How to fuel cars in Fortnite

Fortnite’s cars are finally here! You’ve probably noticed that cars vary in fuel consumption when you get into them. To continue driving around the country with your car, you will need to learn how to fill up your tank with gas or petrol. radioTurn the volume up!

Fueling cars in Fortnite is easy. You can either go to a Gas Station and fill up the pump, or keep a Gas Can in your inventory. To increase your car’s fuel level, you can pour fuel into it.

Fortnite: Fueling Cars

Fortnite offers two options for getting fuel in your car. The first is to pull up at a gas station, and then use the pump to fuel your car. You might not be able to pump gas if you have never done so before or aren’t able to drive yet.

Begin by heading to a gasoline station. You will find them scattered all over the map. If you follow the road, you’ll eventually find one. You can see your map to find gas stations while driving. Here is a view of a map that includes all the stations:

When you reach a station, pull over to the red gas pumps. They can be accessed from either side and, unlike in real life, you can fill your car up from any place!

Grab your interact key to grab the pump and target your car using your crosshair. The fire button will now allow you to pump fuel out of your car. While I wouldn’t recommend you soak your car with gas like Fortnite, this works in Fortnite so this is how it works!

When you start filling up your car’s gas tank, the fuel gauge will begin to fill up. You can then jump in the car once it has reached 100%. You can also return to the pump by hitting interact and dropping the pump.

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A Gas Can is another way to fill up your car. You can find these all over the country, or even behind gas stations. These are small, red containers that have a spout at their top.

These can be stored in your inventory so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas. This process works in the same way as using the gas pump. You select it from your inventory, and you can pour it all over your vehicle. Gas can only hold so much fuel. You’ll have to dump it when it runs out.