How to Fruitberries Bridge in Minecraft

How to Fruitberries Bridge in Minecraft

Fruitberries bridging allows you to use advanced movement techniques in Minecraft. You can quickly build a bridge in a straight line across a void. This makes it extremely block-efficient and can be used for speed runs, manhunts and PvP. Named after the YouTuber Fruitberries, who pioneered the technique, it’s one of the most impressive looking ways to bridge in Minecraft.

To Fruitberries bridge yourself, you’ll need to practice. You can start by jumping backwards for a short distance and then using your crosshair to pinpoint the point where a block will be constructed. You’ll be building blocks as you jump, but before you land. 

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It has been reduced to its simplest parts: To Fruitberries bridge, one block must be placed at the beginning of your jump, and another when you fall. 

Step by Step Fruit Berries Bridging

The first step is to aim at the top three pixels of the edge of the block you’re trying to bridge from.

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Next, you’ll need to jump backward, by tapping your back key but holding your jump button. In the basic keyboard setup, you’ll be tapping the S key and holding the Spacebar. 

Once your jump has begun, click to place your first block. When your jump reaches maximum height, click again to place your next block.

If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll be placing blocks in a straight line without falling and without building upwards. Tap the back button to continue the bridge.

Fruitberry bridging can be difficult to master, and it will require a lot practice. Do not be discouraged if you can’t do it immediately. You can easily switch between flying and walking with the jump button. This is why it’s best to get into a creative space and continue practicing as long as you can. First, practice on a flat area before moving onto ledges over water. Then you can move on to open spaces over water.

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It is all about rhythm. The technique requires you to hold your jump to hop for a short distance and only tap the movement button. It’s far easier to do the more you try. Put in some hours practicing, and soon you’ll be Fruitberries bridging like a pro!

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