How to fly with a Trident in Minecraft

How to fly with a Trident in Minecraft

The Riptide Enchantment can be used in Minecraft to propel players through deep oceans and vast skies at incredible speed. However, this is only possible if it’s raining. Although it’s great to have the ability to zip through deep oceans and expansive skies at incredible speed, actually getting the correct Enchantment can be quite difficult.

Enchanting a Trident with Riptide

Lapis and XP can be used at the Enchanting Table to give armor or tools special properties. Although the effects of enchantment applied to items are usually random, they can be guaranteed with the Enchantment Book.

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You can search through chests randomly or trade with Librarian Villagers to find the Riptide Inchantment Book. Villagers can trade randomly, but players have the ability to reset Villagers by putting down their job blocks. A Villager can place a bookcase on the ground, and then turn it into a Librarian. You will be able to level them up so that they will sell you the Riptide Empowerment.

Throwing the Trident reduces durability. Riptide adds more impact. This can be greatly slowed down by using the Unbreaking Enchantment. You can repair the weapon or keep the enchantment. Combining a damaged trident on the Anvil to feed the weapon durability, or giving it the Mending enchantment.

The Trident

The Trident’s launching ability from the Riptide Endchantment does not work in water. The trident will be charged by holding down the ranged attack key, right-clicking on keyboard or mouse, Left Trigger for Xbox controller and L2 for PlayStation controller. The button will normally be released while the button is held, but the Riptide Enhancement allows the user to fly with the trident. The player can soar high if they throw the trident in the air as it rains. To keep the player in mid-air, throw it again.

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Although the high arc can send the character flying, the user may also suffer damage from falling objects. Players can get Boots with Feather Fallsing from the Enchanting Table, which will prevent them from falling to their deaths. Higher arcs will result in the player flying higher and further. Although this can be difficult to master, it is extremely useful for traversing the globe and fighting mobs if it hits multiple targets.

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