How to fix Minecraft error code Terracotta

How to fix Minecraft error code Terracotta

Terracotta error is one of the most common errors that Minecraft players encounter when they first start it up. The error appears when the game tries connecting to the servers. It can be a frustrating error that prevents players from being able to play Minecraft.

Although this could be true, it’s better to classify the error as a login problem. When you try to verify your account login details, the process gets interrupted. The problem cannot be fixed. You can still fix the problem with a few options.

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  • Logout/Login
    • Pocket Edition: Log out completely of the Xbox App on your device and log back in. This should resolve most problems with Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can download the Xbox App to get it. Then login. Next, log in to Minecraft using the same account you used to login to the Xbox App.
    • All other versions: Logout of your account and shut down the game. Log back in, restart the game, and log back in.
  • Migration Accounts
    • Terracotta issues seem to occur most frequently for those who haven’t migrated their Mojang accounts onto the Microsoft platform. Visit the Minecraft Help PageFollow these steps to migrate your account. After you’ve done this, log back into the game.
  • Basic Troubleshooting
    • You can learn how to troubleshoot the device and your game.
      • Confirm that your account information is correct.
      • Restart your Xbox App service, game, or device.
      • Check that your Minecraft Launcher & game are current.
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It is one of those errors codes that can be corrected by trying again. Therefore, it is not possible to do extensive troubleshooting. If none of the above options resolve the problem, contact the Minecraft Support TeamTo resolve the problem.

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