How to Fix Fortnite’s “” Code

How to Fix Fortnite’s “” Code

You’ll encounter the server_error error code every once in a while when you try to connect to a particular server. Although it’s not fatal, it does temporarily stop you from playing in matchmaking. You can read on to find out what to do before you drop the next drop.

How to Fix Fortnite’s “” code

We have both good and bad news. Good news is that you didn’t do anything wrong and that you are still our favorite player. Sometimes, you simply run into a problem and there is no way to fix it. The bad news is: The bad news? There isn’t an official fix for this error that you can make on your own. This error almost always occurs because of something server-side.

This error code often shows up when the Fortnite servers are under heavy stress due to a sudden influx of players or unscheduled maintenance interfering with matchmaking. It is usually caused by your connection sending data and Fortnite’s servers not acknowledging or responding to it. Although it is possible for your connection to be at fault, you will almost always receive a different error code.

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You still have a few things you can do before you retry. There are actually two! We list them below.

  • Check the server status: Epic Games provides us with this lovely website that tells you if there are currently any issues with the servers. If anything other than All Systems Operational is displayed here, that suggests you might have problems joining a match. Green means go!
  • Check your connection: The link to check your connection leads you to a simple speed test to make sure you’re uploading and downloading at the appropriate speeds. You can determine the reason for traffic that is slower than normal if you notice it.
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This is a quick note to help you get started. You will find that this error code appears most frequently after installing new patches or updates. This error code is most likely to appear after one of the updates or patches has been dropped. We’ve found that Epic Games developers provide new content every day, with bugs sometimes causing the server to stop. Be patient! You’ll soon be back on BattleBus.

There are plenty of other Fortnite guides for common account issues. You can find this guide here. Enable 2FAYou can check your account!