The original idea behind the secret shadow-orb was to locate it in an obscure location. Ninja Legends 2 seemed nearly impossible, but after time has passed, numerous players have found much simpler ways to obtain and hatch the orb. We’ll show you the fastest way to find the secret island. This will also help you bypass the turrets protecting the orb.

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Finding the Island

  • Look for the portal to Planet Elemental from the hub and then enter it.
  • Once you have traveled to the new planet find a trail of glowing orange rings in the sky and head towards them.
  • These rings can be jumped through to get you to the Forgotten Sanctuary training area.
    • To reach this area you will need to be able to do double jumps. We recommend that you have at least seven to eight double jumps.
  • Just behind the main island of the Forgotten Sanctuary, near the waterfall, you’ll notice a smaller island floating below it that holds a single rock and tree—drop down onto it.
  • Line up on the smaller island so you are facing the open.
    • You should always be in the center of the larger island.
  • Jump down, and get off the island.
  • After falling for a few seconds, you will begin to see small islands below you.
    • These islands have spinning turbines that can shoot at you immediately they detect you. Be careful!
  • You should also see a larger island with a few trees, a purple beacon, and a large glowing machine—land here!
  • The device holding the shadow orb is located at the back of the island, in the glowing machine.
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You have now reached the orb and there is a 99% chance it will hatch a Dark Revelations Titan. There is only a 1% chance it will hatch a Secret Chaos Sorcerer. Below are the stats for each:

  • Dark Revelations
    • Mythical
    • x20 Shards
    • x25 Coins
    • x15 Element
  • Secret Chaos Sorcerer
    • Legend
    • x15 Shards
    • x75 coins
    • x50 Element

You can’t be disappointed if you don’t get the hatch result. You can see a video by YouTuber Its Matty that shows you how to accomplish the steps. here.

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