The latest Pet Simulator X update is here! January 22, 2022’s Glitch Update brings many mysteries to players, including a secret entrance right below our noses. Continue reading to learn more about the door and its contents.

Secret door location

Before you start your search for the secret key, it is important to make sure you have everything you need. Tech World unlocked. Glacier World’s door opens to this world and costs 7.5 billion Fantasy Coins. Once you have opened the door, move towards Tech World’s large blue cannon.

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To enter Tech World fully, you will need to first enter this cannon. Then you’ll have to fire across the map. Once you do this, you’ll be able to enter Tech World’s Shop World.

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Once inside Shop World, locate the purple wall directly across from your character—it should be to the left of the egg stands. This is the secret door! You will need a large stack of coins to enter the door. This includes 10 billion Tech Coins and 500,000 diamonds.

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What is behind the door?

The secret door is open to those who are wealthy enough to pay for it. All players who pay to open this door receive five free pet inventory slots, a The Backroom achievement, and access to two limited editions Hacker eggs! The base Hacker egg cost three billion Tech Coins. While the Golden Hacker eggs cost 27 billion Tech Coins.

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