How to find the Golden Eggs in Fortnite

How to find the Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Fortnite Creative’s featured area now has a seven-level game mode where you must find golden eggs in different locations. This map was created by Weck. You’ll need to be able to spot all the eggs hidden on each map. We have provided a map that will show you exactly where each egg is located if you are having trouble finding one.

To access the map if it isn’t featured, use the code 944-8648-1927

Find the golden eggs

Here are the steps to finding each golden egg at every level. After you locate the egg, all you have to do is photograph it. You will have to look very hard for them as they are often barely visible. It is a good idea to simply walk backwards and forth, looking for small openings in the map that might be hiding the egg.

Below is a video that shows the locations, images and descriptions.

Golden Egg #1

The first setting is a lovely little farm scene, with a lot more overgrown field. You will find the first egg if you look behind the haybales and to the left of a red barn.

Golden Egg #2

The second level contains sand and cactus. You can see the purple wall from the back and some of the uneven ground against it. The egg is visible just behind it. This is a little harder to spot because the color of the egg blends in with the desert landscape.

Golden Egg #3

It’s time to go check out the swamps. Believe it or not, there are people living here. This is the hardest golden egg to find because it requires you to be in a specific position. You won’t find it if you look too far to the left. The golden egg can be seen to the left of the scene, towards the tan tent.

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Golden Egg #4

It is time to hit the fast food outlets! Another egg that is only visible in certain positions. On the Tomatohead map, you will see the egg that has apparently been offered a job in food service. The fence can make it difficult to hit, so be sure to open the door window.

Golden Egg #5

Now, we are off to a pirate’s hut! This was my favorite, as the egg is in the cave behind the lantern. Once you run over to the map, it is quite visible.

Golden Egg #6

From the easiest to the hardest. This thing is very well disguised. I can barely see it in this image. It’s possible that many people were stuck at this level. However, if you’re trying to complete the map, look to your right. Just to the left of the barrels is a plant. It is barely possible to see the orange/gold coloring in the egg.

These are all the golden eggs found on Weck’s map. Now you can celebrate with a lovely golden omelette.