How to find the End Portal in Minecraft

How to find the End Portal in Minecraft

Finding the End Portal is the start of a long journey that eventually takes players to fight the Ender Dragon and achieve the true “end” of Minecraft. Of course, take that “end” with a grain of salt, as there are limitless possibilities to the game. This guide will assist you in finding the End Portal whether you’re new to it or have some experience.

An underground stronghold is where the End Portal can be found. This stronghold was randomly generated in the Overworld. Although it is possible for a miner to accidentally find the stronghold, there are proven ways to locate it. Players must gather the right items to locate the stronghold and access the End Portal.

What you’ll need

Reaching the End Portal isn’t as simple as finding it on a map. The true path to the End Portal is not as simple as finding it on a map. It requires you to gather the right materials. 

Here is everything you’ll need:

  • There are approximately 32 Eyes of Ender 
      • To activate the portal you need 12 Eyes of Ender. Each End Portal Frame is capable of filling in with a 10% chance. To guide you to the stronghold, you will need at least 20 Eyes of Ender. Some are lost after being thrown. Others are thrown to the ground and fall to their rescue.
  • 1x Boat
  • Many Torches

Note: These are the essentials that will help you get to the End Portal. It is important to have food, weapons and armor ready.

Locating the Stronghold

Once you have all the materials ready, prepare your Eyes of Ender. Toss one Eye of Ender around and you will see that it moves in an upward direction. Follow the direction it goes. You will continue this until you reach the End Portal Stronghold. If the Eye of Ender moves behind you and not in front of your face, it means that you have reached the End Portal.

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Depending on where End Portal was created in your world, this might take you 100 blocks, 1,000 or more. You can continue following this path for as long or little as you like.

To ensure that you are on the right path, throw an eye of ender every now and again. But Do not spam the Eye of EnderSome Eyes of Ender may fall to the earth and can be picked-up. Others will vanish. You can retrieve the ones that have fallen. To activate the End Portal, you must have at least 12 Eyes of Ender.

The direction of Eye of Ender will change eventually. This means you’re closer to the stronghold. To ensure that you are on the right path, you will need to throw Eyes of Ender a lot more often.

When you arrive at the stronghold’s location, the Eye of Ender will no longer travel upward when you throw it. Instead, the Eye of Ender shoots toward the ground. Find the block it shoots towards. Stand on 5-6 dirt blocks to do this. Track the Eye of Ender’s landing place by throwing it. You must pay close attention to the location where the Eye of Ender falls.

Note: If the Stronghold is under water, block the water from where you intend to dig.

Dig down to this spot using the 2-block method. You should not go directly to one block as you could end up in something dangerous, such as lava. Now you have reached the stronghold.

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Finding the End Portal

You will no longer require the Eyes of Ender to reach the End Portal room, so have a weapon and torch ready. This stronghold will have mobs that you can fight. Continue searching the stronghold until your find the End Portal.

The End Portal room will have a set of small stairs. In the middle is the deactivated End Portal. To stop mobs entering, destroy any mobspawns found here. You’ve made it!

Fill each portal frame with 12 Eyes of Ender to activate the End Portal. See image above.

Now you are ready to enter The End, and face the Ender Dragon. You cannot exit The End after you have entered the portal. Before you enter, make sure that you have all the supplies necessary to defeat the Ender dragon. You can always get help if you’re not prepared. make an End Portal in creative MinecraftPractice fighting the Ender Dragon, without having to face the consequences

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