How to find Slimes and Slime Chunks in Minecraft

How to find Slimes and Slime Chunks in Minecraft

Slimes are an uncommon mob in Minecraft. But they’re essential if you want to make some of the more complex contraptions in the game as they drop slimeballs. Use slimeballs to make sticky pistons and slimeblocks.

To find slimes, you’ve got two options. Second, slimes are able to spawn naturally at Y-level 40 in any biome. To spawn, slimes don’t need darkness. Instead, slimes spawn on what is called a Slime Chunk.

Every chunk in Minecraft has a chance to produce a Slime Chunk. Slime Chunks are created during the spawn. Every chunk in the game has a one-in-9 chance to become a Slime Chunk.

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You can search for Slime Chunks in the traditional way by digging below Y-level 40. Then, you’ll be able to hope for the best. Alternativ, you could also try the following: a slime finder site.

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This site allows you to enter your world seed and it will determine which chunks are Slime Chunks. From there, you’ll easily be able to find slimes.

You can also find slimes by heading to a swamp biome. Slimes will naturally spawn in swamps, even if it isn’t a Slime Chunk. These slimes can spawn anywhere between Y-level 50 & 70. 

These two methods make it easy to find Slimes or Slime Chunks.

Check out this article for more information on how to find your world seed in order to find Slime Chunks. How to find your Minecraft world seed.

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