How to Find Katheryne Inazuma

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Katheryne in InazumaIt is a worldwide quest Genshin ImpactKatheryne again takes the opportunity to tease Traveler & Paimon about her amazing travel skills. Although this quest is easy, it can be difficult to find Katheryne while trying to manage other Inazuma quests.

You’ll first need to complete this quest Ritou Escape PlanTo gain access to Narukami Island

Katheryne can also be found at Inazuma City’s Adventurer’s Guild desk. Just across Shimura’s Restaurant and Alchemy Bench. You can find her in the location marked below.

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You can earn Quest Rewards for completing the quest Katheryne in Inazuma include:

  • Adventure EXP 100
  • Mora (15,000)
  • Adventurer’s Adventure books (5)

This quest also counts towards your reputation in Inazuma. You can unlock many rewards and opportunities by raising your reputation in each area. To check your Inazuma reputationTalk to the Yashiro Commission Staff at the Kamisato estate.

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