How to find Guzzle Juice in Fortnite

How to find Guzzle Juice in Fortnite

Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced many new items to base game. Guzzle Juice is one example of a healing item. You can refill your health bar over a set period with this new item. To make it work, you must not take any damage from drinking. To find Guzzle Juice in Fortnite, you will need to open cooler or freeze boxes as they usually tend to spawn at a higher rate inside such boxes.

 If you do not know how the box looks, see the below image for a pictorial reference.

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Guzzle Juice Shops in Fortnite

Guzzle Juice is a blue-colored freezer container. These are the most common places to find the box so you can get the Guzzle Juice.

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  • Near Camp Cuddle, near the dock
  • Outside a caravan perched on a hilltop south of Camp Cuddle
  • Under an umbrella, Rocky Reels is located at the heart of Rocky Reels
  • A caravan can be found on the southern side of Chonker’s Speedway.
  • The first compound of Condo Canyon’s south-facing building
  • Guzzle Juice can be found at every loot location on the map as an essential healing tool. The ability to locate freezer boxes will help you narrow down your search.

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