The Gorger is Fortnite’s boss unit. It was added in Chapter 2 Season 4. It is related with Galactus and his attack on the planet that Fortnite’s island is located. It appears randomly on the map and is quite difficult for those who aren’t prepared to take it out. This powerful robot enemy can be defeated and you’ll get great rewards!

How to locate a gorge

If you want to find a Gorger, look out for a red beam coming from the sky. The beam will then fire at the target location. This occurs about a minute into a match. The best way to find one is to hover in the air until the beam appears.

Example of red beam that shows the location of the Gorger in FortniteExample of red beam that shows the location of the Gorger in Fortnite

You can still look for the beam if you are unable to spot it by flying around in a helicopter. It spawns in seven areas: Craggy Cliffs; Holly Hedges; Salty Springs; Salty Springs; Slurpy Swamp; middle of large lake near Misty Meadows; and Retail Row. The map below shows the exact locations.

How to defeat a Gorger

Fortnite Gorgers can be destroyed by players who have the right weaponry. You can only hit it in these two areas with guns. These are the areas that open up when he releases his probes. The probes must be destroyed in order to force the Gorger to open. You can also damage the Gorger by destroying its probes. However, if you are able to get to a downed Probe before it explodes you can use it to your advantage as a weapon. This weapon seems to have unlimited ammunition, and can cause damage to the Gorger body regardless of whether or not it’s open!

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As soon as it meets a player, the Gorger will open and deploy two probes. The two yellow parts of the Gorger’s body should be visible for damage. Gorger’s can also become damaged by explosives so don’t hesitate to throw those at them at any time.

After it has closed up, you’ll want to destroy it as fast as possible and grab one their bodies for a weapon. You should not be late as the probes will explode and cause serious damage. You can dodge the beam of the Gorger by building a wall or building a hill to stop the shot.

Successfully blocked shot of a GorgerSuccessfully blocked shot of a Gorger

Grab the probe weapon to defeat this beast. With just a few shots, the probes can be easily destroyed. Once you have the weapon in your hands, the Gorger will be gone. There are two options for firing these probes. One is the normal shot that can easily be repeated. The second is to hold down on the fire button, and let out an explosive energy bolt. This will do major damage, but also destroy the probe weapons.

Example of Gorger Probe weaponExample of Gorger Probe weapon

It is important to avoid running into other players when dealing with this enemy. It’s possible to get a good reward for killing this enemy, but it won’t make it worthwhile if you are eliminated. You should only go after the Gorger if it is possible to avoid other players. The legendary Rocket Launcher will drop from the Gorger once it is destroyed. It is the only way you can get the Rocket Launcher right now. This could be worth the effort if it means you can blow up some stuff!

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