How to find and defeat Gunnar in Fortnite Chapter 3?

How to find and defeat Gunnar in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Fortnite Update V19.20 added Gunnar as a mythic boss. Gunnar is found at the POI “Covert Cavern”, on the western edge. To defeat him, you will have to traverse his immense health pool, dodge his attacks and protect yourself from his IO personal guards. 

The Gunnar is where?

You can find Gunnar, the new Mythic boss, at the central portion of the landmark “Covert Cavern”, on the western edge.

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Tips and tricks to defeat The Gunnar boss

  • Land at the Covert Cavern and collect any weapons of your choice. Other than guns, you can also collect healing items and build materials. 
  • Gunnar has a total of 650 health and 650 shields. Before you begin combat, make sure to assess your resources. 
  • Once you start attacking him, he will retaliate by firing at you or throwing grenades. He may also order other IO Guards soldiers not to attack you. 
  • Try to engage the entire fight in mid to long-range and don’t go near him as he may charge towards you. Make use of any throwables like Firefly at your disposal.
  • You can find a lot of ammo and healing items from the IO Guards. If you have any resources, they can be eliminated.
  • You can help Gunnar and the IO guards by repositioning your body quite often. This will enable you to concentrate on Gunnar’s battle rather than his guards.
  • Use the high ground to your advantage when you need it. Also, hide inside any buildings or rooms when you need to heal or reload.
  • Dodge, shoot, heal and reload to build. You can repeat the process until he is taken down.
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It is much easier to take him down when he is in Squad or Duo mode than it is in Solos.

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