How to find an Allay in Minecraft (and how to use them)

How to find an Allay in Minecraft (and how to use them)

The Minecraft Mobs can range from peaceful (cows or pigs, and many more) to hostile (“zombies, spiderss, etc.). The Allay is one example of a helpful mob. It is possible to wonder what an Allay looks like and where they can be found in Minecraft.

Where is the best place to locate an Allay in Minecraft?

A is the best place to look for an Allay. Pillager Outpost. They are extremely rare mobs and spawn near Villagers, making this one of the best places for you to search. They can be found around the tower’s main tower if they spawn at Pillager Outposts.

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You can also find an Allay inside a Woodland Mansion’s prison room. These structures are very rare and only spawn in Dark Forest biomes. They are also difficult to find. You can get an Allay if you’re determined. Pillager OutpostOder Woodland MansionSeed to make it easier to find them.

What does an Allay do – How to use an Allay

Minecraft Allay Gathering ItemsMinecraft Allay Gathering ItemsImage via Mojang

The Allay, a mob of helpful people that gathers items for you, is an example of a helpful mob. The Allay can bring you an item and then will pick up items similar to yours. Simply give it something and it will follow your wherever you go gathering items. Allays are limited in space and will drop items onto the ground once they have exhausted their inventory. Right-click on an Allay with empty hands to return the item and give it back.

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Allays can also drop items at a particular location using note blocks. If a note block has been played near an Allay it will move to the location and drop the item. To automate this process, you can use redstone to add blocks or chests to create a storage system.

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