How to Find a Nether Fortress in Minecraft

How to Find a Nether Fortress in Minecraft

Nether Fortresses were officially added to Minecraft in Beta 1.9 and are looked at as a favorite hotspot for players looking to get closer to the mid-game features like potions and heavy armor. They are composed almost entirely of Nether Brick blocks. This makes them one of the best places to find hostile mobs.

How to Find a Nether Fortress on Minecraft

The quest comes up for a lot of Players: How do I find one? Nether Fortresses are like all structures. They have a certain way of generating the world. It is possible to never find one if you travel the wrong path (we do not use that term lightly). We will cover the basics of finding a Nether Fortresses as quickly as possible.

#1: Seek out the Nether (obviously).

This tip is only a formality. However, it is possible that some people may not know this is required. That’s okay! We’re all not the same experienced veterans.

#2: Avoid traveling straight North to South.

Nether Fortresses tend to spawn in strips that align with other Fortresses on the Z-axis (running North to South). If you are looking North or South in the Nether but don’t see a Fortress there, you should start exploring East to West. They align along the Z-axis so it could be that they aren’t visible from your location.

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#3: If you find one, explore North to South.

They tend to spawn in small strips along the Z-axis. One means you are likely to find more of them along the same line going North to South. Now that you know where you are, it is best to continue on the strip to find more.

#4: Take a look at a potion of night vision

The difference between normal vision and nightvision in the Nether.The difference between normal vision and nightvision in the Nether.

To get a Potion of Night Vision you’ll need to find a Nether fortress. You can still raid the Nether Fortress you find to access Night Vision potions. Night Vision is extremely helpful.

#5: Keep a substantial distance from other Fortresses or Bastion Remnants.

You must follow the generation patterns. They are separated by the generation code. They tend to generate in a Z-axis line, so you need to be a considerable distance from each other to find the other.

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