How to farm Spectral Husk and Heart in Genshin Impact

How to farm Spectral Husk and Heart in Genshin Impact

The Inazuma region has a new enemy: Specters. They are found mainly on Watsumi Island or Seirai Island. Depending on your World Level you will be able to get Common Ascension Materials by killing these Specters. The three tiers of Ascension Materials are Spectral Husk and Spectral Heart.

Watsumi Island and Seirai Island are home to 111 Specters. They spawn in groups and are mainly found near the water’s edge.

Watatsumi Island Specters: Where to Find Them

Seirai Island: Where are the Specters to be Found?

Drops in Specter Material

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It depends on which tier material you desire. As such, your World Level will determine what level of drop you can obtain.

  • Specter Below Level40
    • Tier 1—Spectral Husk
  • Specter Above Level 40+
    • Tier 1—Spectral Husk
    • Tier 2—Spectral Heart
  • Specter Above Level 60+
    • Tier 1—Spectral Husk
    • Tier 2—Spectral Heart
    • Tier 3—Spectral Nucleus

Alchemy plays an important role in acquiring higher-tiered Ascension Materials. The following tiered materials can be made from lower-tiered materials

  • Spectral Heart
    • x3 Spectral Husk + 25 Mora = x1 Spectreal Heart
  • Spectral Nucleus
    • x3 Spectral Heart + 50 Mora = x1 Spectral Nucleus

Only certain characters can use the Spectral Husk, Heart, or Nucleus Common Ascension material. However, more characters may add this material to their repertoire in future updates. Aloy currently uses the Specter Materials for higher levels.

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