How to farm Electro Sigils for Genshin Impact

How to farm Electro Sigils for Genshin Impact

Players will find the majestic Sacred Sakura in the Grand Narukami Shrine. This tree was planted around the Archon War events. Adventure Rank 30 or above players who have completed Ritou Escape Plan (part the Inazuma Archon Questline), can interact with it.

The Sacred Sakura’s Favor will be leveled up by 25 Electro Sigils. This will result in amazing rewards from Acquaint &Intertwined Fate, Crowns Of Insight, Mora and many more. You will be able to carry more Electrogranum and make it easier for you to travel through Inazuma.

Here’s how to farm enough Electro Sigils for the Sacred Sakura Favor. There are 40 levels.

Inazuma Statue from The Seven

Inazuma is home to Electroculus. To level up your Inazuma Statues, you can offer the Electroculus. Electro Sigils and other rewards will be yours in return. At level 10, the Inazuma Statue at The Seven will give you 90 Electro Sigils.

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One-Time Domains

After solving a series of puzzles, there are a number of unique Domains that you can unlock in Teyvat. To unlock five Electro Sigils, you must clear the ones located in Inazuma.

  • Formation Estate—Jakotsu Mine (Yashiori Island)
  • Moshiri Kara—north of Tsurumi Island
  • Palace in a Pool—Suigetsu Pool (Watatsumi Island)
  • Shakkei Pavilion—southeast of Tatarasuna


Looting Chests in Inazuma is the best way to get Electro Sigils. Open a Chest and you will be able to obtain one to ten Electro Sigils. There are more than 300 Chests scattered across the country, offering you many opportunities to farm Sigils.

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Remember that Electro Sigils are not available for interactions with Statues of The Seven or one-time Domains.

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