Tsurumi Island is full of adventures and new enemies: Rifthounds. These fierce wolves were created by an alchemist named Gold. It is believed that they also once roamed Monstadt. However, they can be found only in Tsurumi Islands at this time after players have cleared the mist with the prequest A Particularly Special Author.

There are four kinds of Rifthounds with the same Ascension materials: Concealed Claw and Concealed Unguis.

  • Rockfond Rifthound, (Geo).
  • Rockfond Rifthound Whelping (Geo).
  • Thundercraven Rifthound, (Electro).
  • Thundercraven Rifthound Whelping (Electro).

Rifthound Battle Mechanics

Rifthounds are a tough opponent. Corrosion is a condition that causes a team to lose its HP over time. This status effect does not apply to shields so bring a healer and a DPS.

Rage can be accumulated by being struck with the exact same element. It is best to avoid using Geo against the Rockfond Rifthounds or Electro against the Thundercraven Rifthounds. Rifthounds, just like the Fatui Agent can also become invisible in battle so be aware of where they might strike!

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Around Tsurumi island, there are 16 Wolves of the Rift. These are Rifthounds’ equivalent Elite Monsters. You’ll also find a lot of non-Elite Rifthounds as you go around the map.

Image via miHoYo’s Genshin Interactive Map

Rifthound Material Drops

Rifthound material drops in three different levels, depending on Adventure Rank and World Level.

  • Rifthound Level 0+
    • Tier 1—Concealed Claw
  • Rifthound level 40+
    • Tier 1—Concealed Claw
    • Tier 2—Concealed Unguis
  • Rifthound Level 60+
    • Tier 1—Concealed Claw
    • Tier 2—Concealed Unguis
    • Tier 3—Concealed Talon
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Alchemy allows you to create higher-tier materials. You can find a crafting table anywhere in the city or at your Serenitea pot and use the following formulas to craft:

  • Concealed Unguise
    • x3 Concealed Claw + x25 Mora = 1 Concelaed Heart
  • Concealed Talon
    • x3 Concealed unguis + 50 mora = x1 concealed Talon

Rifthound Material

The Rifthounds material can be used to Ascend these weapons:

  • Polar Star

Check out if you received a Polar Star in your wishes. How to farm Spectral Husk, Heart, and Nucleus in Genshin ImpactTo Ascend your new weapon You can also visit Schachmatt.cc to find more Genshin Impact content.


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