Coins play a major role in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) because they can be used to purchase various items from the In-Game Shop. It is important to learn how to maximize your coin collecting time. Although there isn’t a direct way to farm coins automatically, there are several supplementary options. Continue reading for a quick guide to the best ways you can maximize your coin intake.

Small lobbies are available

It is best to join an empty or near empty game server in order to collect coins. You will have a longer opportunity to collect coins if you join an empty or nearly empty game server. Your teammates or enemies will likely be AFK, or just ignore the objective. This is the most tedious method. However, you will likely have to click through hundreds before you find one that is relatively empty.

For a search of servers, go to the Roblox website’s main page and click on the Servers Menu. Scroll down. To continue your hunt, you may have to click Load More once in a while.

Buy the Elite gamepass

The EliteThe gamepass allows players the ability to collect more coins and fill up their coin bags to capacity. Although the gamepass is 499 Robux per use, it may be worth it if you have a full bag. There seems to be a constant increase in the number of coins that the standard coin bag can carry. Make sure to check yours first before you purchase Elite.

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You should be focusing on coins

Although it may seem obvious, this is still an important point. You can collect coins by exploring the map and separating yourself from others in a lobby. There are many rooms that players don’t think to visit—this is your chance to collect the coins that they’ve missed!

Don’t kill anyone, if you spawn in MM2 and are assigned the Murderer role. You have the option to explore for coins, while the others are trying to hide from a killer they don’t know.

Play with your friends

It is frowned upon to team up in battle royale games. This can lead to a dull player experience for other players. You and your friends can play together to collect coins, as long as they are fair and playing as intended.

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