How to Establish a Device Uplink in Zero Build Mode: Fortnite Covert Ops

How to Establish a Device Uplink in Zero Build Mode: Fortnite Covert Ops

Fortnite’s latest update introduced the Covert Ops Quests. Players will need to complete these challenges using Zero Build Mode. You will receive massive XP and the Secret Sledge pickaxe if you complete all phases within the time limit.

To begin the Covert Ops Quest first stage, players must establish Device Uplink in one of the many locations listed on the map. To get an idea about the exact locations, refer to the map below. Players will be required to eliminate 10 players from Zero Build Mode after completing this Quest. The Quest can be completed to unlock the next Phase, which will grant players 30,000XP.

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Similar to the previous Device Uplink challenges this one asks the player to land on any of the marked locations. The map will show the area where the device is located while the player searches. To start the Quest, players simply need to walk across the device.

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